Manuela Albuquerque Named 2005 Public Lawyer of the Year

The Public Law Section named Manuela Albuquerque the 2005 Public Lawyer of the Year. The award was presented by Chief Justice Ronald George during the State Bar of California 2005 Annual Meeting at 4:30 p.m. on September 9, 2005 in the Manchester room of the San Diego Marriott Hotel and Marina.

Biographical Statement of Manuela Albuquerque

Manuela Albuquerque and Chief Justice Ronald GeorgeMs. Albuquerque has served as the City Attorney of Berkeley for nearly twenty (20) years, during which time, she has faced virtually every conceivable legal issue and become a leader amongst her peers. She served as President of the City Attorney's Department of the League of California Cities in 1994 –1995, as well as serving as on the League's Board of Directors, and has been a frequent speaker on a myriad of public law issues. She has also served on the Executive Board of the Public Law Section of the State Bar, and presently still serves as an advisor to this body.

In recent years, Manuela has distinguished herself as a leader in the area of public law ethics. She was a major force in the League of Cities City Attorney Ad Hoc Committee on Legal Ethics, which published "Practicing Ethics: A Handbook for Municipal Lawyers." She also worked tirelessly with COPRAC, the League of Cities, the State Bar Public Law Section and State Legislators on prior legislative efforts to define when a public lawyer could ethically disclose the improper conduct of his or her clients; and she is currently working with the State Bar Rules Revision Committee in an effort to amend Rule 2-100 - Communication with a Represented Party - to address the unique concerns public attorneys face when adverse parties seek to speak directly with public officials about on-going litigation.

In addition, Manuela is on the League of Cities City Attorneys Department Ad Hoc Committee on Due Process, which is in the process of writing "model guidelines" that city attorney's offices may follow in an effort to avoid the pitfalls of the Nightlife and Quintero cases. As part of this project, Manuela has drafted proposed legislation that addresses these concerns. She is working with the League staff to find a Legislator to sponsor this legislation.